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Dancing With Gravity

A new series by artist Elena Von Kohn is causing quite a stir in the art world. While experts are praising the artist for her “fresh perspective” and “provocative lens”, many see the series as contentious and outrageous.

The Principle of Escape 51_x84.5_.jpg

The Principle of Escape

Oil on Canvas, 51" x 84.5"

Thru the Isle of Manifestation 55_ x 93.75_ (1).jpg

Thru the Isle of Manifestation

Oil on Canvas, 55" x 93.75"

Forces of Attraction.jpg

Forces of Attraction

Oil on Canvas, 54" x 87"

The Conformity Device 67 x 90.jpg

The Conformity Device

Oil on Canvas, 67" x 90"

Sedona's Window 36 x 48.jpg

Thru Sedona's WIndow

Oil on Canvas, 36" x 48"

The Mothers Garden 67 x 85.jpg

The Garden 

Oil on Canvas, 67" x 85"

AZ Loan Help (1).png
The Advantage of Courtship 63.25_ x 106.5_ .jpg

The Advantage of Courtship

Oil on Canvas, 63.25" x 106.5"

Pieces of Eden 54_ x 79.75_.jpg

Pieces of Eden 

Oil on Canvas,54" x 79.75"

AZ Loan Help (1).png
The Age of Diversity 48_ x 60_.jpg

Age of Diversity

Oil on Canvas, 48" x 60"

The Balance of Confidence 58_ x 90_ (1).jpg

The Balance of Confidence

Oil on Canvas, 58" x 90"

The latest.jpg

The Eyes of the River

Oil on Canvas, 58" x 80"

Superficial Eclipse (1).jpg

Superficial Eclipse

Oil on Canvas, 66" x 110"

As Featured In

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The Reviews

Elena Von Kohn's most recent art show in Scottsdale was a true masterpiece, featuring some of her most stunning works to date. Her innovative approach to Enigmatic Surrealism was on full display, with a series of captivating paintings that transported viewers to another world.

- Aaron Wasserman

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