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Age of Diversity
48" x 60"
Oil on Canvas

Contemporary Surreal Art

Forces of Attraction
57" x 84"
Oil on Canvas

Forces of Attraction.jpg

The Eyes of the River
58" X 80"
Oil on Canvas

The latest.jpg

The Advantage of Courtship
63.25" x 106.5"
Oil on Canvas

The Advantage of Courtship 63.25_ x 106.5_ .jpg

Superficial Eclipse
66" X 110"
Oil on Canvas

Superficial Eclipse (1).jpg

The Balance of Confidence 
58" x 90"
Oil on Canvas

The Balance of Confidence 58_ x 90_ (1).jpg

Thru the Isle of Manifestation
55" x 93.75"
Oil on Canvas

Thru the Isle of Manifestation 55_ x 93.75_ (1).jpg

The Principle of Escape
51" x 84.5"
Oil on Canvas

The Principle of Escape 51_x84.5_.jpg

Pieces of Eden
54" x 79.75"
Oil on Canvas


Pieces of Eden 54_ x 79.75_.jpg

The Conformity Device
67" x 90"
Oil on Canvas

The Conformity Device 67 x 90.jpg

Sedona's Window
36" x 48"
Oil on Canvas

Sedona's Window 36 x 48.jpg

The Garden
67" x 85"
Oil on Canvas


The Mothers Garden 67 x 85.jpg

Return of the Innocent
46" x 77"
Oil on Canvas

The Return of Innocent 46_ x 77_ (1).jpg
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